February 23, 2018

Is your holiday safe? UK Government on destinations tourists should avoid this summer

As most of us are thinking about our summer holidays , Thomas Cook has resumed flights to Tunisia for the first time since beach attack which claimed lives of 30 Brits.

Flights to Engifha will take off from UK airports this week after the Foreign Office eased its travel advice warning holidaymakers not to visit.

But it begs the question, where in the world is safe to travel?

With terror attacks and natural disasters, some holiday hot spots come at more of a risk than others.

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office has listed the countries it classifies as no-go areas and others it considers safe to travel to.

Here we take a look at the government’s advice for holiday destinations across the globe.


Security status : Thomas Cook have resumed UK flights but the government is still advising against travel for some areas.

It comes after a beach attack on June 2015, when 38 tourists – including 30 Brits – were killed by a crazed ISIS gunman as they sunbathed in Sousse.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office advise against all travel to:

  • the Chaambi Mountains National Park and the designated military operations zones of Mount Salloum, Mount Sammamma and Mount Mghila
  • the militarised zone south of the towns of El Borma and Dhehiba
  • within 20km of the rest of the Libya border area north of Dhehiba
  • the town of Ben Guerdane and immediate surrounding area

They also advise against all but essential travel to:

  • areas south of, and including, the towns of Nefta, Douz, Médenine, Zarzis
  • within 30km of the border with Algeria south of, and including, the town of Jendouba (this area includes the archaeological sites of Bulla Regia and Chemtou)
  • the governorate of Kasserine, including the town of Sbeitla


Security status : Exercise a high degree of caution.

The Foreign Office advise against all travel to within 10km of the border with Syria and to the city of Diyarbakir.

Terrorists are very likely to try to carry out attacks in Turkey, with warnings focusing on Ankara and Istanbul areas.

In January 2017, there was a major shooting attack in the Reina nightclub which resulted in a large number of casualties.


Empty security checkpoints at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Empty security checkpoints at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Security status : There’s an increased threat of terrorism and extremist violence worldwide, including the USA. The USA has also witnessed a number of mass shootings in recent years.

Holidaymakers should also be aware of hurricane season on coastal destinations. The Atlantic hurricane season normally runs from June to November.

Last year Tropical Storm Lidia caused devastation to Mexico and parts of California, killing four people.

Hurricane Irma also left themepark-goers stranded in Orlando as Disneyworld closed its doors due to the bad weather.


French police is securing the perimeter around the fan zone at Eiffel tower

Security status : We advise you to exercise a high degree of caution. Citizens throughout France should exercise a high degree of caution, and follow the instructions of local authorities.


People sunbathe and swim on a beach in Benidorm, eastern Spain

Security status : We advise you to take normal precautions.

There is a general threat from terrorism in Europe, and the threat in Spain is considered to be high. While there is a risk of indiscriminate attacks, targets could include areas frequented by tourists.


Security status : We advise you to exercise a high degree of caution.

On 15 August 2016 authorities in Peru confirmed that a 5.4 magnitude earthquake was recorded in southern Peru, affecting Arequipa, a popular tourist destination.


Security status : We advise you to take normal precautions.


Security status : Given recent terrorist attacks in European cities, citizens are advised to follow the advice of police and local authorities and to exercise increased vigilance.

Attacks could occur at any time and could target tourist attractions, restaurants, transport hubs or other public areas.

United Arab Emirates

Security status : If you’re planning a trip to the UAE, we advise you to exercise a high degree of caution.

There is considered to be a high threat from terrorism. You should remain vigilant at this time.

The UAE is a Muslim country. Laws and customs are very different to those in UK and other western countries.


Security status : We advise you to take normal precaution


Lights shine on the pyramids

Security status : We advise citizens in Egypt to Exercise a High Degree of Caution.Holidaymakers travelling to the Red Sea coastal resorts of Sharm El Sheikh are advised to avoid travelling outside of these resorts.


Security status : We advise you to exercise a high degree of caution in Morocco.

There is a high risk of terrorism in Morocco which may target places popular with tourists such as hotels, bars and beaches.


Security status : We advise you to take normal precautions.


Security status : While Germany remains a popular destination for citizens, visitors should be aware that a global risk of indiscriminate terror attacks also applies to Germany.

We continue to advise visitors to Germany to exercise normal precautions.


Security status : We advise you to exercise a high degree of caution.

Multiple explosions occurred in Brussels on 22 March 2016 and there remains a heightened security presence on the streets.

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