Retail worker fights off robbers, saves teenage employee

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DENVER — A Denver teenager calls her co-worker a hero after the store they work at was robbed.

The teen was closing the store when a robber walked in and demanded money.

It happened at the Plato’s Closet off Colorado Boulevard. The teenager said she’s OK, but the person who came to her rescue has bumps and bruises.

“He just said, you’re going to die,” the 16-year-old said. “He said take me to the money, and he grabbed my arm like this and twisted it.”

The worker didn’t see a weapon, but said she could feel it, so on instinct, she took the robber to a back room where the money was.

That’s when her co-worker stepped in, someone the teenager and her mom call a hero.

“He saved my daughter’s life,” the teenager’s mom said of WonDrae Hart.

“When he came into the doorway he liked bumped her and had her and when I saw that i just reacted,” Hart said.

That reaction turned into a fight. Hart moved his co-worker out of harms way and into a closer.

“We start tussling out,” Hart said. “I was hitting him, but I had my arm down, but he was trying to get around me, and he just chopped right into my shoulder, and he did it like three times. It was like bite, bite, bite.”

The marks are still clear on Hart’s arm, and memory of the fight is still vivid.

“He was like dude just let me go, just let me go,” Hart said.

Hart said eventually the suspect ran without any money and no one was seriously injured.

“If WonDrae weren’t there, I have no idea what would’ve happened,” the teenage worker said.

“He’s a hero and he needs help and to be taken of, just like he took care of my daughter,” the girl’s mother said.

“If my son’s mom was in trouble, if my mom was in trouble, if any other my loved ones were in trouble I would hope, that someone would be willing and stand up and put their life on the line just because that’s the right thing to do,” Hart said.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help cover medical bills for Hart.

The Denver Police Department said there’s no suspect description and it doesn’t have anyone in custody.

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