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Burglar chase girl, 11, chooses police puppy

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A police puppy has been named after an 11-year-old girl who chased a burglar from her home.

Robyn Birdsell grabbed the 31-year-old by the leg as he attempted to escape over a garden fence, police said.

He struggled free, but her evidence helped West Midlands Police trace the “prolific thief”, who was eventually given a jail term of nearly four years.

Robyn, from Sutton Coldfield, picked her namesake from a litter of German Shepherd puppies.

“They were all so cute it was difficult to choose,” she said.

But one three-week-old pup stood out from the rest.

“This one came straight over to me, though, and looked very comfortable snuggling on my lap so I decided to pick her,” said Robyn, a pupil at Town Junior School.

“The police have said I can keep popping back to see how she’s getting on.”

Last month Robyn received an accolade from the force’s chief constable in recognition of her actions on 20 June last year.

Police said she chased the thief, who had “a string of convictions”, as he made off with a bag full of valuables.

As she pursued him, the force said, she yelled “give us our stuff back”.

The force’s breed scheme manager, Dave Raymond, said: “I’m sure pup Robyn will do Robyn proud.

“Around 90 per cent of the dogs we train are successes and go on to become operational police dogs.”

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