October 23, 2019
District of Columbia Washington Metropolitan Area

Mother's boyfriend charged with killing her 2-year old son

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Vincent Bess doesn’t live next to Austin Stonebarger and his girlfriend, but he said he’s had plenty of run-ins with both of them.

“They just seem like squirrelly folks,” Bess said. “They were always in and out all times of the day. With their erratic behavior and stuff like that, it was just a matter of time before police had to be over here for one reason or another.”


But Bess wasn’t prepared to find out why police were called overnight.

Stonebarger is behind bars after police said he abused his girlfriend’s 2-year-old son, which ultimately led to his death.

Sheriff deputies said upon arrival at Stonebarger’s apartment, they found the child neither conscious nor breathing. EMS transported him to the hospital, where he later died.

“The loss of a child is the worst thing on the planet,” neighbor Brittany Morgan said. “So to have it happen three doors down from me is just awful.”

Authorities said the toddler had been left with Stonebarger all day. Upon interviewing the 23-year-old, investigators said he initially gave conflicting stories.

However, after being pressed, he admitted to taking meth the past few days and pushing the child, causing him to strike his head.

The details are leaving neighbors stunned.

“Just appalled, surprised something like that would happen here in town,” Bess said. “But then again, we live in a crazy world, and it seems like nothing is surprising anymore.”

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