September 17, 2019
Boston, MA

Family afraid to walk into Boston after claw hammer and two knives found concealed in bushes

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A man has vowed never to walk on a popular route into Boston again after he uncovered a claw hammer, kitchen knife and Stanley knife concealed in bushes.

Peter Green was carrying out his voluntary clearing along Witham Bank when he came across the items – on three different occasions.

The hammer was found concealed in a bush

And he said his wife and daughter no longer feel safe walking along the bank because of it, so they choose to take the car instead.

He said: “The most recent find was the claw hammer that was sat near the edge of a bush. This was about two weeks ago.

The drug kit - inside the bag

The drug kit – inside the bag

“The kitchen knife was between nine and 10 inches long and looked like something you would cut meat up with. I found this around 12 weeks ago and the Stanley knife was in a different location around six weeks ago. I think they must have been placed there with some sort of intent.

“My wife and daughter are afraid to walk in and out of town after 5.30pm. It seems to be getting worse.”

Needles on the ground

Needles on the ground

Mr Green, who regularly cleans up the area once littered with beer cans and empty alcohol bottles, said the street drinking in the area had improved but the use of drugs seemed to be increasing.

He added: “When I was cleaning up the drugs paraphernalia I also came across a drugs survival kit. It was new in a small bag. It advises people on the bag not to inject heroin yet it has a syringe in it and a metal tray.

“I found this very shocking. There’s also advise on the bag on what to do if someone overdoses. I found around 15 syringes and two of these survival type kits. It’s very worrying.”

Mr Green said he has reported his find to the police.

Boston Borough Council is urging people to report any discarded hypodermic needles you find by phoning them on 01205 314 200 so they can be safely retrieved and disposed of.

A spokesman said: “Responsible needle users can dispose of their sharps themselves by bring them, in a proper yellow sharps box, to our reception desk in West Street.”

Lincolnshire Police has been contacted for comment.


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