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Policewoman saw drowned water park boy ‘lost’ in water

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 n off-duty policewoman saw a five-year-old boy who drowned at a water park “looking lost” in chest-high water, a family court has heard.

Charlie Dunn, who could not swim, was found submerged at Bosworth Water Park in Leicestershire on 23 July 2016.

His stepfather Paul Smith was jailed in December after admitting manslaughter by gross negligence at trial.

Charlie’s mother, Lynsey Dunn, admitted neglecting him in a separate incident and was given a suspended sentence.

More evidence relating to events surrounding Charlie’s death has now emerged in a ruling by Judge Grenville Perry, who had analysed events during separate family court proceedings.

Judge Perry heard that an off-duty policewoman had been at the water park, in Market Bosworth, with her family on the day Charlie died.

She noticed “a young boy” wandering in water up to chest height “looking lonely and lost” and had him “under close observation” for 10 minutes.

She had been “sufficiently concerned” to go over to where he was and ask other children if he was with them.

Charlie had been placed on the child protection register in 2012, when he was 14 months old.

Council social services, who are responsible for the welfare of the other children in the family, had asked Judge Perry to make findings of fact.

Staffordshire County Council is now conducting a serious case review into Charlie’s death.

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