Argument Leads To Violent Stabbing In North Miami Beach

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NORTH MIAMI BEACH — A trail of blood leads from the middle of the sidewalk in front of several stores to the inside of a North Miami Beach food mart.

That’s where detectives spent the bulk of their Sunday, trying to solve a violent crime that left a man stabbed and fighting for his life.

It happened a few blocks from N.E. 163rd Street and US-1.

A person at the store told CBS4’s Carey Codd that the victim and his assailant knew each other and are frequent customers at the corner store.

They apparently got into an argument and one man stabbed the other in the neck several times.

“I hope he pull through,” said a friend of the victim, who declined to give her name. “That’s somebody’s dad, that’s somebody’s child, that’s somebody’s father. That’s somebody’s loved one.”

Police have yet to identify the victim or the circumstances of the stabbing. They also wouldn’t confirm whether or not they recovered surveillance video from cameras outside the plaza.

By the end of the afternoon, workers were left to clean up the crime scene.

It was a painful sight for those who knew the victim, now in critical condition.

“He was a cool dude,” said another friend. “Stayed to his self, didn’t bother nobody. He was a peaceful dude.”

The suspect has not been caught.

If you have any information contact Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-TIPS. Anonymous tipsters can earn up to $3,000 for information leading to an arrest.

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